DIY Panelling

Hello Everyone!

I get alot of questions about how we created the pannel wall in our bedroom. There are stories saved to my instagram highlights @homewiththejohnsonsx but I thought I would post the information on here for those who it may interest and those who have asked on Pinterest.

Can you believe the wood and fixings for this wall cost just £15?! We already had the paint sat ready for us to paint our fitted wardrobes so it really was a bargain DIY job… our favourite kind!

To begin we went to B&Q and brought a 9mm shet of MDF. They offer a fabulous service and will cut 15 cuts of wood for free. we had ours cut into 70mm strips so the width of each strip was perfect for the look we wanted to create. We began with the vertical stips, we measured them, cut off the required amount with a saw and then attatched them with Gripfil and put nails into the top and bottom of each verticle panel to secure. Once the vertical strips were secure and in place we measured and cut all horizontal strips to create squares and nailed them in place. We decided to have slightly larger end panels to allow for our wall lights, while still remaining symmetrical. We then filled any nail holes of imperfections with wood filler and once dry we sanded lightly. Then the fun bit, we primed just the wood, don’t worry about being neat and getting it on the wall. Once primed we painted the panelling in Valspar colour match to farrow and Ball railings. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the match for this paint, we used the v700 blend for wood and metal in a matte finish.

We are really pleased with how this turned out and how easy it was to do! The measurements will vary from person to person depending on the size of the wall or room you are panelling but the principle remains the same. It will defiantly be used again in other areas of the house because I find it gives the room a real point of interest, a luxury feel and was the perfect backdrop for our upcycled French bed. From start to finish this took us around 3 evening to complete so not only was it cheap it was really quick.

As always any further question please feel free to ask, And good luck to anyone who will be trying this out for themselves. Click here to see our latest panelling project.

Chynna xxx

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