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I have been looking for the perfect way to fragrance our bathroom since we completed the project. My styling aim for the bathroom was simple and timeless. So when I was offered the opportunity to review these gorgeous products from brownstone it seemed exactly what I had been looking for, chic looking products with an incredible range of scents.

About brownstone

Founder Anne Twist has styled these products to perfection, the simplistic off white packaging teamed with brownstone’s stylish black logo means that these products will look great in any room. As well as candles and diffusers, brownstone also sell stylish and contemporary chinaware and cosmetic bags. On first impressions the packaging on the products is fantastic, the packaging feels well made and thick and I love the ribbon pull tab to open the products. They have a real feel of luxury and would make fantastic gifts for any home fragrance lovers in your life. There is great information about candle care and diffuser care on their website. I found this to be a really interesting read and most certainly learned some new information about how to optimise the performance of home fragrance products, something I didnt really know all that much about until I read this. By cutting the wick of the candle to 0.5cm before every use means that the candle will burn better and last longer. Included in my review is this lovely wick cutter, which I have found to be a really useful product and priced at only £12. The quality feels great, they are heavy and sturdy and will most certainly be a key item in my candle care routine moving forward.


brownstone offer a great range of fragrances. I was very intrigued by the Pomegranate and Chilli. Having had several pomegranate based candles before, I was keen to see what kind of twist the chilli gave. I was not disappointed! This candle smells divine! The pomegranate is fruity and rich, team this with the warm and spicy notes of the chilli and it was an unexpected match made in heaven! I love a strong candle, the kind that fills your home with scent and this candle does exactly that. I have used this every time I have been in the bath recently and the fragrance really is long lasting. Even when unlit and just on display I can smell its sophisticated fragrance long after the wick has been blown out.


Now… I have had many diffusers in my time, I love the idea of the continuous fragrance that diffusers offer, however every diffuser I have ever used is undetectable within a matter of weeks. Diffusers from brownstone come with two sets of hand tied reeds. It wasnt until I read why, that my past diffuser fails all made sense. Diffuser reeds can become clogged with oil and will stop absorbing further oil until they are changed. Replacing them will ensure continued oil diffusion into your home. brownstone recommend using one set of reeds for 50% of the oil and replacing these with a fresh set for the last half. My Grapefruit and Basil diffuser smells consistently great! This works perfectly in the bathroom, it is such a fresh and aromatic scent and having had guests visiting in the last couple of weeks, I have had several comments about what the gorgeous smell is! They are made up of natural base oils with no alcohol content and infused with essential oils. The apothecary style glass and stylish label make them suitable for any room and I feel that the clean, and sophisticated design look great in the bathroom.

From the outstanding quality of their products, knowledgeable and efficient service and undoubtedly great design, there are so many things about brownstone which I love. The candles are hand poured using a blend of natural wax and essential oils. The Diffusers are a great long lasting fragrance option (up to four months) and I think the refil options and extra reeds are a great touch for using them as a long term way to fragrance your whole home. Having a beautifully smelling home is something that you have to invest in and something that has a power that should not be underestimated. The fragrance of your home is important and personal to you. It is one of the first things I notice as a visitor to someone’s home, it can set your mood and products like these give you the tools you need to build a sanctuary and uplift your senses with fragrance that you love. brownstone’s diffusers and candles are all lovingly presented in an embossed gift box with ribbon tab, making them perfect to gift to a loved one or as a way to fragrance your own home with a touch of opulence.

As well as the alluring aromas I have shown in this post, brownstone offer four more bespoke fragrances, so there really is one to suit all. Sandalwood and Oud, Lemongrass and Coriander, Jasmine and Sea salt and Aged Oak with Wild Tobacco. I strongly suggest heading over to their website www.brownstonelondon.com to take a look or following their Instagram page for updates about new fragrances, products and exclusive offers.

Chynna xxx

Although this post features gifted items all words, images and opinions are of my own.

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