Autumn Goals

Autumn, it’s by far my favourite time of the year. I love the slow, cosy evenings, the warm snuggly clothes and the lazy pyjama Sundays. Although typically spring is the time of year that we all aim to set ourselves new goals, I find that life is so fast paced in the summer months that I want to utilize the quiet times that the season brings.

Make more effort with my apperance

Let’s kick off with what seems like a shallow goal. In actual fact this little goal of mine is one of the most important to me. I love A/W fashion, I am just not a jeans kind of girl. Always one to reach for dresses and skirts, I find it much easier to look like i have made a bit more effort when the colder weather sets in. My goal is to start loving my wardrobe contents again and invest in a few key staples that I will be able to dress up or down this season. I am a total coat and boot lover so have built up a nice little collection over the years, I find coats and boots can make even the most basic of outfits look a bit more stylish. Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I never have a bare face. Makeup is my security blanket, it’s not that I have huge self esteem issues, although unfortunately I was not graced with flawless skin so maybe my base Is relating to a lack of confidence in that department. I just love makeup! I find that I can get away with being a bit bolder and adding a bit more sparkle in Autumn than any other time of year. A huge fan of a bold lip, a few of my favourites are Mac chilli, this is a gorgeous burnt orange colour and I often get compliments when I wear it. I also love both Pillow Talk and Dance floor princess by Charlotte Tilbury, these are both shades of pink I find perfectly suited to the time of year as they have slightly richer and more autumnal tones than a brighter, more summery pink.

Enjoy the outdoors

I am such a home bird. I love nothing more than being at home with my little family, but I know its really important for myself and my mood to get lots of fresh air. My aim is to make sure we go for lots of walks and enjoy time outside. This was our first summer living near the beach and we fully made the most of it! Every time the sun so much as made an appearance, we were there. This however meant that there is still a lot of the area that we have not yet seen, lots of woodland, parks and national trust properties that we are yet to visit. I am hoping we can all wrap up and get out over the next few months and enjoy these without feeling like we are missing out on beach time!

Blog more

I really enjoy writing, as someone fairly new to blogging I sometimes don’t feel like I have all that much to say. Often I will consider writing a blog post, only to talk myself out of it at a later date. This is mainly in fear of what my audience will think, Is this really what you want to see? Will anyone actually care or want to read my posts? Should I strictly stick to interiors or do people want to share a bit of my life? What I am ultimately realising as I grow in confidence is that it doesn’t matter. I enjoy writing and if it makes me feel good, I should do it more, and if people want to read it they will. My goal is to be more confident, write what I want to write about and whatever pops into my head and above all enjoy the opportunity that blogging is giving me.

Spend more time at home

By spend more time at home I mean quality time. Roast dinner Sunday’s, pyjama days and lazy Christmas film time. We moved into the house in November last year and with it being a full renovation, it just wasn’t somewhere we could relax. We spent winter making good where we could, spring ploughing into renovations like there was no tomorrow and summer at the beach! We haven’t actually spent much time just being at home. As someone who suffers with burn out a lot, I think its really important that as the evenings get darker and feel longer, we get a better routine going, because with three young children routine is what keeps us going! Everyone told us that we would get lots of renovating done in the summer, that the light evenings meant we would have loads of motivation and that the warm weather would make certain DIY projects, like painting much nicer. Well… funnily enough everyone who told us this didn’t live near the beach! I can honestly say there is nothing more gutting than doing DIY on a sunny Sunday, knowing you could be at the beach! The children didn’t appreciate us swapping family beach time for renovating either. With that said I am hoping we can plough into some renovations and prep work over the next few months, we seem to get a lot more done when the sun is not shining, so this is the perfect opportunity.

I would love to heard your autumn goals. Drop a comment below.

Chynna xxx

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  1. Excellent goals! I’m also aiming to start blogging more consistently, on a more regular post schedule, especially now that I’m done with grad school.


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