Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Children

Welcome to the annual At Home With the Johnsons Christmas gift guide for children. As a Mother of three children, a pre-teen, a little one and something in the middle, I have done my fair share of Christmas gift buying only to be disappointed to see the heaps of plastic toys unwanted and not played with less than a year later. This is why I have made it my mission to bring to my readers this guide of incredible and meaningful gift ideas from wonderful brands that your child will love this Christmas and for years after. I hope you enjoy!

Post contains gifted items for review purposes

Puro Quiet Headphones

Protecting young ears is family- run business, Puro’s mission. When their founder’s daughter was diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss, he set out to create a solution that was stylish, safe and provided outstanding audio quality. These stylish on-ear headphones will not disappoint. Each pair of Puro Sound Labs Puro Quiet headphones features an adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads with durable materials making them super comfortable. Featuring bluetooth, built in microphone and long life charge, all fully portable in a strong and easy to carry case. Shop here.

XPLORA XMOVE Activity Tracker

Using the XMOVE tracker, families can track the number of steps each person is taking and even get competitive amongst family members to encourage all to be as active as possible! It also has a built-in sensor to monitor inactivity and reminds a user to get moving to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Available in a range of stylish colours, perfect for getting those teens and pre-teens moving.

Planet Buddies Headphones

When it comes to precious little ears, we want the children in our lives to enjoy audio but safely. These fabulous headphones are volume limited to 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The child-safe audio limit on our headphones helps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Presented in vibrant colours with a unique headband pattern and printed on the ear cups, the Planet Buddies headphones are designed to be fun, stylish and ultra-comfortable with super-soft padding on the ear cushions and headband.

Floss & Rock Space Playbox

Floss & Rock is a British business based in the very traditional seaside town of Blackpool, famous for its candy floss (cotton candy) and sticks of rock (sweets). Owned and managed by a husband and wife team, who are deeply passionate about designing gifts and toys for girls and boys aged 3 to 10.  This space themed, portable playbox is an ideal gift for the little explorer in your life and comes complete with a cotton bag holding 15 fantastic, wooden, double sided pieces and characters.  Explore more from Floss & Rock here.

Wonderbly Name-O-Saurus Personalised Book

Personalized books to make them feel extraordinarily special this Christmas, Wonderbly offers a fantastic and extensive range of books that can be personalised to your child or family member. Take a child on their very own adventure to Dino Land, where they get to be a pterodactyl, a velociraptor, a triceratops, a diplodocus, and a T-Rex. But most of all, they’ll learn how fantastic it is to simply be themselves. Start your Wonderbly adventure here.

Super Sand

Create, build and play with Super Sand. This high quality magic sand is super soft to touch and super buildable. This sensory toy will provide hours of amazing sandy fun, a tactile experience for children, this mess free sand is the perfect gift for both children and parents.

Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns

A great gift to unleash the power of young, mechanical minds. This Geomag Mechanics set has been developed with expert players in mind, the new construction system is based on an innovative gravity motor, this uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the Geomag Mechanics structures. A STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire to learn more about science. A must have gift this Christmas, shop here.

My Living World Bug Photography

Do you know a creepy crawly obsessed little one? Take incredibly close-up photos of bugs and insects with the My Living World Bug Photography kit. The viewing pot is specially designed to make collecting bugs super easy, with the easy to use brush. Take a closer look at bugs with the powerful built-in magnifier. The capture device and macro lens clip onto your phone so you can take 10x and 20x magnification photos with ease. A great educational Christmas gift.

Aqua Gelz

Hours of fun this Christmas and beyond, Aqua Gelz are magical liquids that transform into colourful, fun, squishy creations. Simply mix the special powder with water to prepare the solution, squeeze the coloured Aqua Gelz into the supplied moulds. Then place the mould tray into the solution tank and watch as the Gelz set in seconds.

Little Cooks Co

Looking for a unique gift this Christmas? Little Cooks offers a fantastic children’s gift box service. Each month, a baking kit will arrive at their door containing the dry ingredients to make the healthy baking recipe provided. Only natural ingredients make the cut to ensure each tasty bake is packed full of nutrition! My daughter Isabella made some amazing raw vegan brownies and loved the experience.

Spy X Night Nocs

Night Nocs are stealth binoculars to use for spy play day or night. With 2 x magnification, your child will have clear viewing and ability to see up to 25 feet in the dark! Use the switch to move from white to red light for stealth mode. Every little explorers perfect Christmas gift.

Floss & Rock Dinosaur Giant Floor Puzzle

Enjoy hours of fun with Floss & Rock this Christmas. This giant dinosaur floor puzzle with pop out pieces is sure to keep little hands busy, resulting in hours of concentration and imaginative play in our fantastic jurassic jungle scene. Once playtime’s finished, the puzzle and pop out pieces can be neatly packed away inside its decorative box. Discover Floss & Rocks fantastic range of floor puzzles here.

Mega Spin Saturn YoYo

A fabulous stocking filler for the cool kids! Get ready to throw like a pro with the Mega Spin Saturn. Featuring a super smooth ball-bearing axle for incredibly long spin times – perfect for performing anything from basic to more advanced tricks! Featuring impressive Colour-changing LED lights

Wonderbly Personalised Christmas Books

Personalized books to make them feel extraordinarily special this Christmas. Simply add your Childs name to your chosen Wonderbly Christmas story and watch the adventure unfold. When calamity strikes at the North Pole, it’s down to one plucky Elf to save the day – or Christmas will be cancelled! Make a child you know the hero of the hour with this fun and imaginative range of personalised books.

Klean Kanteen Classic Sippy Cup

Kleen Kanteen offer a range of fantastic food and drink-ware. This fantastic bottle is designed with kids in mind, a spill proof sippy cup cap with dust cover, plus swivel metal loop so it can be easily attached to stroller or bag is ideal for little ones. Designed to play hard, their chip-resistant Klean Coat finish is durable and safe for people and planet. Narrow profile for easy gripping that fits little hands perfectly. Interchangeable caps for easy transition as kids grow up, providing a lifetime of use, from baby bottle to sippy to sports bottle at school. These cups will truly stand the test of time.

LITTLEDUG Toy Workstation

Does your little one love helping with your DIY at home, if so LiTTLEDUG will guarantee to impress this Christmas with this Limited Edition, easy to build, Toy Workstation and Tool Set. This will be a great gift this Christmas for imaginative play and developing a child’s fine motor skills. Complete with 64 Piece Set including tools and accessories and the bench also includes play vice and storage bins.

Snuggy For Kids

The ultimate Christmas comfort. The Snuggy is an oversized hooded blanket with a sherpa fleece interior, perfect for keeping your little one toasty and warm for hours. The perfect morning and evening throw on, snuggy is perfect for around the home, helping to keep the heating off for longer, reducing bills and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Available in a range of colours and even in Mum & Dads size. Shop here.


Perfect sweet treat for kids (or grownups) this Christmas with the Haribo Christmas collections, ranging from Giant strawberry flavoured trees, a Christmassy Starmixmas version of the classic Starmix, Puck Penguins and Haribo selection boxes. Kids and grown ups love it so, so grab yourself some Haribo this Christmas. 

Crazy Foaming Soap

Crazy Foaming Soap is a mild and gentle formulation of mouldable foam soap that allows children to explore their creative side whilst cleaning their delicate skin. This tactile soap can be moulded into any shape your child can imagine. Simply squirt some soap into the palm of your child’s hand and watch as their imagination run wild! The Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, pH-balanced formula means there are no surprise nasties, just fun. A great stocking filler for both boys and girls this Christmas.

Klean Kanteen Classic Kids

More than just a bottle brand and made to stand the test of time Klean Kanteen offer a range of fantastic drinkware for children. This classic stainless steel bottle is designed with kids in mind. Spill proof sport cap with removable soft silicone spout for easy cleaning, and easy carry loop so it can be attached to a bag, backpack or stroller. This product has an abundance of compatible caps to suit your child as they grow. Find out more about Klean Kanteen here.

A Girls Guide to being Fearless

The perfect gift to empower the teenage girl in your life. A Girl’s Guide to Being Fearless unlocks self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing, resilience and offers an antidote to an overwhelming world of altered photos, filters, and fillers. Filled with practical exercises and doable ideas to inspire young women and shape the next generation to be strong, resilient and brave. A must read for any young girl and a life changing Christmas gift.

Diary Of A Brilliant Kid

Described as the ‘teenagers’ atlas for navigating life, Diary of a brilliant kid, is the ideal gift for the child you don’t know what to buy for. This interactive collection of stories, quotes, theories and science, guides your child or loved one through the difficult years between ages 8 and 12 to help them make sense of themselves and the world around them.

The Weather:Pop Up Book

Incredible book engineering at it’s best. The Weather immerses readers in five electrifying weather scenarios, each page features an informative description of it’s weather event and the book closes with sobering commentary on the effects of climate change. With breathtaking scenes of adventure this will be certain to have both children and parents hooked and give bed time reading a wow factor.

My Beautiful Voice

My Beautiful Voice is a moving, lyrical picture book about a shy child unlocking the power of their own voice through poetry, with the helping hand of an extra special teacher. The perfect way to encourage empathy in young children and show shy children how to feel brave and a moving gift for your loved one.

Winter Sleep

The perfect bedtime story, Winter Sleep , follows a child and his grandma through a winter landscape to explore how the Earth goes to sleep for winter. Discover what is going on beneath the surface and explore the sleepy world around us. Cozy up as you expand your and your child’s knowledge of the natural world.

Journey To The Last River

The perfect adventure to enjoy this Twixmas. Journey To The Last River is a thrilling tale of a voyage into the Amazon rainforest that looks exactly like a real scrap book inside, with smudged pages. The gripping story features encounters with caiman and anacondas, incredible flora and fauna, survival tips and much, much more.

Bloomsbury Mill Nap Mat

Let your little one snuggle up at any time with this super soft Safari Adventure folding, all-in-one nap mat. Whether it’s a sleepover, a camping trip or just to cosy up at home, these amazingly portable and effortless mats are the perfect companion to roll out for nap times on the go. Featuring all their favourite animals from lions to flamingos, elephants and more, it also makes the perfect gift.

Stomp Rocket

The Stomp Rocket High Performance Rocket is 100% child powered! Run, jump and stomp to launch the rockets up to a massive 400 feet in the air. Your child can learn through play concepts like Gravity, Trajectory, Force and Power of Air while also having the time of their lives. Easy and fast assembly means the fun can begin straight away. Over the years, the Stomp Rocket has won numerous awards from industry experts and with it’s hands (or feet) on approach it is no wonder. Enjoy yours of fun this Christmas with Stomp Rocket.

TOMY Dimpl

Give the gift of hours of fidget fun this Christmas. This TOMY dimpl is a great gift for children of all ages. This tactile, sensory-developing toy will entertain for hours on end! A great stocking filler for little hands guaranteed to put a smile on their face this Christmas. 

Word Fever

A great game for all the family. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this game adapts so that players of all skills and ages can play together. The game master takes care of everything from explaining the rules to asking the questions and keeping the scores. At any time, he will play sneaky tricks and change the rules to spice up the game! The faster you answer, the more points you score. Be quick if you want to win! Try Word Fever this Christmas for a great family game.

Silly Sounds

Silly Sounds is the new family-fun game where everyone gets to make and guess the silly sound stuck on your headband! Making silly sounds is only half the fun, guessing them is the other half! A great game for the whole family, this game includes headbands with ears, cards, a spinner, and a timer to help you make the most of the game. 

5 Second Rule

This fast-paced board game is perfect for game nights, and time with the family. With over 500 subjects to choose from, you’ll never run out of answers. Move around the 5 Second Rule game board as you play and be the first to reach the finish line.

It’s Bananas Family Game

The monkey game for kids, teens and festively merry adults! This multi generational game is guaranteed to have the whole family belly laughing this Christmas. Simply split into two teams, warm up those thighs, and whoever collects the most bananas wins! Ideal for any get-together, It’s Bananas! is for two or more players so is great for groups of friends and family, plus it spans the generations – the challenges are tricky enough for both grown-ups and kids alike so no need to hold back and let the little ones win! 


Uproar! is the speedy and hugely hilarious card game where mooing like an angry cow can win you the game! Spot the only matching pair of words between two cards, and be the first to sound out the answer. Bring on your WAA WAA cry baby, your WHOOSH BANG firework, your OOO OOO laughing monkey – but be quick to secure the win. With zero tactics required, literally anyone who can read and make noises can play! What’s more, being pocket-sized means Uproar! is the perfect packable party game that can go anywhere. A guaranteed family favourite this Christmas.

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