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5 Ways To Enhance Natural Light In Your Home

5 Ways To Enhance Natural Light In Your Home

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With Autumn, Winter and shorter days just around the corner, I thought what better time than ever to start thinking about ways to beat the seasonal blues in the Home. Natural light is incredibly important for our overall mood, our health and for creating a homely living space. If you are keen to lighten up your home, read on to find out how to enhance the light already available and to bring more sunshine into your home this season.

Wall Colours

As much as I love dark décor and wall colours, they tend to absorb light, whereas light colours help reflect it. If you have been considering giving your space a refresh then what better time to explore brighter or lighter paints. Using satin finish paints instead of matte can help to bounce light around your room. There is nothing better than a crisp white ceiling to give the illusion of space and light so keep this in mind when re-decorating.


Accessorise your home with mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room. This will create a feeling of airiness and brightness in your space. Mirrors are a budget friendly way of increasing natural light and making your rooms feel more spacious than they actually are, one of my favourite interior styling tricks!


Now this one may seem a bit ‘state the obvious’ but windows hold the key to letting natural light flood into your home. If you are in a position to be making home improvements before Winter arrives, look at adding French or bi folding doors to rooms, skylights to an extension or adding a conservatory. Many conservatory glass suppliers offer a vast range of glass options that provide year round benefits like energy saving and temperature control which is also incredibly beneficial when it comes to the change in seasons. If new windows aren’t in your scope or budget, don’t worry. There are small things which can be done to maximise the light levels that your current windows let in. First of all, make sure your windows are as clean as possible, dirty windows can block out a surprising amount of light. Opt for light coloured curtains or blinds as dark colours may absorb the light and be sure to open them fully each day.


Mirrors are not the only home accessory that can bounce light around a room! Anything with a shiny or reflective surface will help your room appear lighter. Look to glossy finishes like tiles and worktops for optimum light enhancement. Winter is certainly the season to add touches of sparkle to your home, this too will help your space feel bright. Reach for metallics when choosing seasonal accessories and keep soft furnishings like rugs, throws and cushions light in colour.

Lighting Options

So this one isn’t entirely about using natural light but sometimes even nature might need a helping hand right? By adding soft lighting in awkward or particularly dark spaces, you can improve the overall lightness of a room and in turn this will help maximise natural light. A few well-placed and carefully selected light fixtures is one of the most effective ways to create a bright space. Try switching bulbs to Halogen, Halogen Bulbs are a type of incandescent that gives a close approximation of natural daylight. You can also buy light therapy lamps as a great addition to a bedroom. These are used to lift mood and protect against SADS by mimicking the sunlight.

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Luxury Interior On A Budget

Luxury Interior On A Budget

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When it comes to interiors I am a sucker for a luxury look…. unfortunately I often find my budget does not match my dreams and interior goals. The great thing about this fact is that it has led me to become more creative and I absolutely love the challenge of creating stylish interior looks on a budget. If you want to create a luxurious home on a budget, the task may seem daunting. Where do you start? How do you find luxury looking, inexpensive items? Where do you shop?…. in this blog post I will be sharing my favourite interior tips and tricks to transform your home for less.

Plan it

Start by gathering some inspiration to help you visualise how your room will look. I like to use Pinterest to save inspirational photographs and create boards for each room in my house, it really helps me visualise what style I like. If you are more crafty, making a mood board with cuttings is also useful and enables you to keep it where you can see it when you lack inspiration. Once I can pinpoint styles that I like I head to Instagram hashtags to see if anyone else has created a similar look on a budget. There really are some fantastic hacks and creative ideas on Instagram.

Floor it

Flooring is such a vital part of any room, it is more permanent than how you choose to decorate your walls and can often be one of the most costly interior purchases. There are some amazing options for flooring, one of my favourite luxury, yet on a budget options is Laminate flooring. Laminate has come a long way over the past decade. While there used to be very few options available, advancements in technology have expanded the market meaning there are now hundreds of different designs. Most come with a solid wood effect surface too, making them look and feel a lot more expensive than they are. Not only is laminate flooring beautiful and stylish, it is easy and quick to install.

Paint it

There is no interior minefield quite like paint. With huge variations in cost often comes variations in quality. I love the depth that the more luxury paint brands offer but when doing a renovation on our scale it would cost us a fortune. Fortunately we discovered and now use a colour match service. This means that you can have great quality paints matched to your chosen big brand colours at a fraction of the cost. Colour match has been a real game changer for us.

Style it

A luxurious home on a budget is all about textures and accessories, these are the elements that bring the whole look together. Use blankets, cushions and other soft furnishings to add depth and a touch of luxury to a room. Using sumptuous fabrics such as velvet and silk is the perfect way to achieve this look. When it comes to accessories you can save your pennies easily by shopping around. Often supermarkets have fantastic interior accessories inspired by higher end designs, offering everything from accessories to lighting, mimicking a designer feel for a fraction of the price.

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Back To School Essentials

When it comes to this time of year, Back to School shopping can become a total minefield. Here is a round up of fantastic Back to School products that I have tried and loved, for easy and convenient shopping.

Treads School Shoes

School shoe shopping made easy, Treads have school shoes covered, from their sleek designs to their handy online measuring guide. Using only the best and most durable materials and craftmanship, this British company makes a fantastic range of leather school shoes for children aged 6-16. All Treads school shoes come with a 12 Month indestructible guarantee, giving you total peace of mind that these school shoes will stand the test of time, even for the most active child. The online measuring system is simple and easy to use, teamed with the speedy delivery Treads takes the stress out of school shoe shopping. Get yours here.

ION8 Leakproof Bottles

A leaky water bottle is a time consuming nightmare that many parents have faced. ION8 LEAKPROOF bottles are 100% leakproof and BPA free, they use fast-flow technology to enable kids to take a drink quickly and easily. Open these drinking bottles with one hand, and lock them closed for peace of mind when throwing into a bag. The stylish and fun designs mean that they are guaranteed to please children of all ages while providing durability and longevity. Check out more of ION8 fantastic range of leakproof bottles here.


Lunch just got more exciting! KAMBUKKA storage jars are designed to keep your food fresh all day. This sleek pot can keep food warm for up to 6 hours or keep cool foods at the perfect fresh temperature all day. Perfect for active kids and teenagers on the go. KAMBUKKA have a range of stylish designs that your child is guaranteed to love as well as a vast range of other matching lunch accessories. Say goodbye to single use food packaging in style! Check out KAMBUKKA’s range here.

SMASH Back To School Products

Back to school in style. SMASH offer a large array of innovative products which aim to make everyday life easier. SMASH lunch boxes are a generous size, with a functional carry handle and nifty water bottle holder, making them a dream for a busy school morning. BPA-free, non-toxic and food-safe, these stylish lunch accessories are guaranteed to be a huge hit with everyone this school year. With a great range of cool and on trend designs, this exclusive range is available in ASDA now, why not simply add yours to your online groceries using the links below! Be sure to check out SMASH’s Facebook and Instagram.

Love Heart Sequin Lunch Bag, Rio Flamingo Lunch Bag, Corrupt Lunch Bag, Rio Football lunch set.


To the parent of the child that loses everything, meet your new best friend! The tile Mate is perfect for School bags, PE kits and lunch boxes and will ensure your child doesn’t come out of school empty handed again. With a huge 200ft Bluetooth range and it’s sleek and discreet size the tile is the perfect way to keep your child’s belongings safe this school year. Simply attach Mate to your desired product and use the Tile app to find your things via your mobile. These can be purchased singularly or in a handy 4 pack to ensure your child never loses a thing. Get your Tile mate here.


With so many things to remember when the new school year comes around, it’s easy to forget the importance of your little ones eye care. Why not pack a pair of the UKs number one sunglasses into your little ones school bag so that they can stay protected this school year. Suneez sunglasses come in a range of colours and not only do they look cool, they offer the ultimate optical protection to your child. Suneez are made from flexible material, allowing them to bend without snapping so that they are virtually unbreakable. Suneez block out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays and come in nifty microfibre case with strap. Keep your little one safe in style. Click here to pick yours.

Black+Blum Food Pot

When it comes to lunches It’s out with the single use and in with the re-usable and sustainable. With rigorous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, Black+Blum design original products that inspire a sense of well-being. This Lunch Pot original has two separate pots that makes it easy to carry both snack and lunch on-the-go. BPA free and dishwasher safe Black+Blum products make great sustainable food storage which is perfect for every child’s on the go lifestyle. Explore Black+Blum here.

RED by Modibodi

The comfiest, coolest and most stylish Teen/Pre Teen underwear, Modibodi believe girls should never have to worry about the arrival of their periods or about spotting or leaking throughout the day, especially when it comes to school. With Modibodi teen underwear your daughter can go to school with total confidence that they will not be taken by surprise. With a huge range of stylish shapes, patterns, colours and absorbency, Modibodi teen underwear looks like any other underwear……just cooler. Check out their fantastic range here and give your daughter power over periods.

Make learning fun with John Adams

After months away from school why not ease your child back into learning with some fun yet educational sets from John Adams? The extremely gross science set will help your child to explore and understand how the human body functions. It supports National Curriculum learning and is safe, educational and fun! This set comes with clear instructions about how to conduct the experiments at home, as well as the method and science behind what you are doing. If your child loves writing then Bookeez enables them to create their own story books, scripts, journals and much more. Make and create three books and bring stories to life by stamping and stencilling pages. The perfect way to incorporate fun learning in to your summer. Available at both Amazon and Argos.

Getting Personal Stationary

Add a personal touch to your child’s back to school shopping with these gorgeous notebooks from Getting Personal. Ideal for taking notes, revision and planning, your budding writer will love these on trend and personalised styles. Children’s stationery made interesting, personalise yours here.

Indie Bay Snacks

When it comes to lunch box snacks we all want to feed our children heathy and nutritious products, Indie Bay make all natural pretzels in a variety of delicious flavours. They use whole grains and super seeds as their core ingredients and are the perfect low calorie, vegan and filling snack packed with protein and fibre. With a huge range of sweet and savoury flavours they really are a healthy and delicious crowd pleaser. Get yours here.

OGGS Mini Cupcakes

What child doesn’t love a cupcake! These low calorie treats are the perfect little lunch box treat. They are egg and dairy free and at only 88 calories per cupcake they are the perfect balance for a healthy lunchbox treat. Mumsnet approved – 82% of mums love OGGS. Marvellous Mini Cupcakes with fluffy vanilla flavoured sponge, topped with vanilla frosting and colourful sprinkles to brighten up any packed lunch. Find out more here. Available in Sainsbury’s.

PROYOUTH Protein Bars

The UK’s first protein bar for Children. PRO youth was founded and created by Mum of two Marina, who was looking for the perfect after school snack to fuel her daughter for competitive swimming. These fantastic bars provide slow release energy for young athletes and active children. A source of Protein for growth and maintenance of muscle, Magnesium for reduction of tiredness and fatigue and electrolyte balance, Copper for iron transport combined with Phosphorus and Manganese for further energy yielding metabolism, these bars are the perfect way to fuel your child for a busy day at school. Find out more about Pro Youth here. Also available on Amazon.