My Autumn Goals

Most people outline their goals for the year ahead at New Year however I love the fresh start feeling that the new school Autumn term brings…. just me? September feels like a great time to make some changes and embrace the new found time and routine following the 6 weeks summer holidays. I guess it’s because it gets colder and darker that I get stuck indoors a little more. I’m a little less social and on the whole just not as busy. Quiet times always lead me to think about what goals I have and if I am on the right path.

To Blog More

I have had the longest period where I have struggled to know what to write. Maybe because I always feel like I should have something ground breaking to talk about each post. Our renovation has come to a bit of a standstill until we finish planning our extension for next summer. While I am looking forward to having lots of renovation chaos to talk about again in the near future, I am going to take the pressure off myself and just write what is on my mind.  The aim is two posts a week. After all my blog is three years old now, I should dedicate the time to it that it deserves.

Get Outdoors

Nothing new with this one and I have mentioned it before, but if I don’t get outdoors each day my mood gets low very quickly. I am naturally a home bird and very happy in comfy clothes, enjoying a coffee with candles burning but actually it isn’t good for me. I also work from home so I am going to make a real effort to close the laptop and get our for a long walk every day. Autumn is always the season where I find I haven’t left the house much other than the school run and a dark dog walk. I want to make sure I’m outdoors for at least 1-2hours everyday.

Phone Free Time

I have already started to limit the time I spend on my phone when I am around the children. Not always the easiest when your work depends on the online world and social media to keep moving forward but I will try! I want to also start giving myself time in the evenings where I don’t check social media. I find it very easy to fall into a trap of comparing myself to others and I actually find I am happier about who I am when I spend less time on Instagram.

Work Smarter not Harder

As I have mentioned I set up my online homewares business Dot & Blush just over a year ago now and have loved every second of the crazy journey. The business has grown incredibly well in the first year and with that has come more hours of work needed and not enough hours in the day! I do however know that I am a messy worker! My plan is to give my days more structure with a set working plan, content planning and set photography days because some days I will wear 5 different hats badly, when actually it is better to wear 1 hat per day well!

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Anyone who knows me knows that I cant function without good sleep! I have been known as the queen of early nights, however of late, with the children getting older and staying up later themselves and a busy summer, I have got in a habit of going to bed later. This Autumn I would like to bring bedtime forward and really focus on getting quality sleep and balancing my time in the lead up to bed time better.

I would love to hear if you have any Autumn goals, if so please do share to inspire both myself and others.

Chynna x

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