5 ways to incorporate Autumn into your home

Soft Furnishings

One of the easiest way of incorporating a touch of Autumn into your home is with soft furnishings. Adding a touch of warmth to your home is essential as the colder evenings draw in. Layering up throws and blankets around the house not only adds a cosy feel but also looks great. Cushions are also great for changing colour pops to a more Autumnal feel. I love using warm tones in Autumn/Winter, gold, champagne and deep colours like greys, navy and aubergine give a real luxurious feel to your home. Using lots of texture like faux fur, fleece and silk also adds a decadence that you just don’t work as well in the warmer months.

Seasonal Accessories

Investing in some key seasonal accessories is always a great way to vamp up your home this Autumn. Halloween decor needn’t be tacky. There are some gorgeous pieces out there at the moment, I ordered these Halloween pumpkins from Ebay for around £6 and although they had a brown, plastic stalk when they arrived, I used some gold paint to make them look a bit more luxurious and fit into our home better. I am like a magpie and anything glittery instantly catches my eye! I like to add some glitter wherever possible, try lightly spraying some faux flowers of foliage with glitter to add a touch of sparkle to your Autumn decor.


As I am sure you all know by now I am candle OBSESSED. Candles are so much more than just fragrance. With such a huge range available, candles can really add so much to your Autumn decor. As well as fragrancing your home with gorgeous Autumnal scents like Pumpkin spice, wild berries and warm cinnamon, there is nothing more cosy than sitting in a dimly lit room with candles burning to add ambiance. With so many gorgeoeus brands out there you can choose candles to compliment your A/W decor.

Every day accesories

Using your every day Autumn accessories can add some real character to your home. Leave your favourite bags and boots on a stand in the hall for an effortlessly chic way to add a seasonal touch to your home.

Bring the outdoors in

Autumn decor needn’t be expensive. Look to nature to help you out. Dry out and frame some leaves, glitter up some pinecones or conkers and paint pumpkins with the kids. Using a mirror plate or tray to make a simple display of Autumn ruffage can look really effective and cost just a tiny amount. This can also be turned into a fun half term activity with the children.

Chynna x

Hosting the perfect Halloween


Of course we are kicking off with my favourite section, décor Now when I say Halloween décor it may make you think of the outside of the home. While decorating the outside of your home is great, many don’t extend the theme inside. If you are hosting this Halloween, there are some great interior accessories available that can transform your home without breaking the bank or being at all tacky. Keeping the lights low and using lots of candle light will not only keep your home looking spooky but using Autumnal scented candles will be sure to impress your guests. Cute little buntings around the house mean that the children get to enjoy the theme inside while not being freaked out by hanging ghosts and zombies around the house! I know my youngest can be a bit unsure of some Halloween décor still, so keeping décor child friendly is important. I picked up all of these decorations from Wilko, they were a great price, many items are just £1 and I am sure these will be brought out year on year, the children love them!

Food and drink

The key to any great party, when we host for Halloween we try to keep it simple. Something warming in the slow cooker for after trick or treating makes for a crowd pleaser. We often serve hot dogs or witchy fingers for the kids and a warming chilli for the adults. If you have a Kilner drinks jar going unused because Pimms season is over, why not make up a spooky punch for the adults. We tend to buy paper plates and cups in a Halloween theme because the kids love it, it also it makes for an easy hosting and fuss free experience, meaning you can spend more time with your guests (drinking punch) than washing up. These adorable plates and cups are from Wilko and the children can’t wait to use them.

Keeping the children entertained

Of course the children are occupied with trick or treating, but this only keeps them busy outside the house and for a limited amount of time. Make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve! A trick or treat table is a great way to keep them busy, simply make up some boxes of gross textures like jelly or custard and get the kids to pull out either a treat (sweeties or toys) or a trick (empty sweet packets or a sprout). If you don’t fancy dealing with messy games then keeping the kids happy with these doodle mats from Eat Sleep Doodle is sure to be a winner. These fantastic frame mats are fully washable so they can be used again and again, a feature that I love. The children do a lot of drawing so these are a great way to encourage their imaginative learning in a fun and re useable way. The children have loved doodling some spooky pictures on them this October and we will be cracking them out for the little ones and their friends to play with this Halloween. They keep the children entertained for ages which is perfect when you are entertaining guests. Eat Sleep Doodle have a huge range of beautifully designed textile and stationary products. These also make a great and unusual gift, you can even have your Eat Sleep Doodle product wrapped in colouring in wrapping paper which I think is a great touch! Check out their incredible range here.

So there you have it, my tips on hosting a fun and fuss free Halloween party. I hope that you all have a great one!

The Johnsons xxx

Although this post features gifted items, all words and opinions are of my own.