The End of Adult Acne- BOTANYCL Review

As you all know, I am a total chatterbox and love sharing details of my life with my readers but this blog post has actually had me a little stumped. I don’t know if it is because I am nervous about showing just how bad my skin was, discussing something that I know is so important to many or that I am terrified to jinx the fantastic results that I have been having… maybe it is a combination of all. I need to begin by saying that I have been purchasing the product that I am going to be telling you about, for three months prior to being offered a complimentary months supply in exchange for sharing my experience with my readers. I state this in the most honest and open way possible because I myself, have spent many hours reading reviews and buying in to products that maybe didn’t have such honest reviews. I have suffered with adult acne for many years and it is something that has really affected many aspects of my life, especially my mental health and overall confidence.

I will begin by telling you more about my skin issues. I was incredibly lucky to have pretty clear skin in my teenage years, despite the constant abuse of taking my thick layers of foundation off with cheap make up wipes like we all did back then! The trouble actually began when I came off of the contraceptive pill to start trying for our third child, I developed painful cystic acne what felt like, overnight. I took my horrified self to the GP who was lovely and agreed that I had a pretty nasty case of Adult Cystic Acne and sent me on my way with three months of tablets and anti bacterial creams with a review appointment scheduled. Fast forward three months and I returned to the GP in a much the same, if not worsening state due to scarring beginning, I sat and sobbed my way through the appointment. This is when she advised that I needed to go on Accutane but unfortunately because I was trying to fall pregnant this would not be suitable due to risks to a pregnancy. I left feeling deflated. During the six months trying to fall pregnant I had been more aware of my cycles…. obsessive in fact and this had made me realise that my cystic acne flared up during ovulation, I did lots of research online but never really found why this would be the case. I then fell pregnant with Harbor and in the same abrupt fashion that Acne took over my life, it left again. I spent my pregnancy glowing, my skin was glorious and the days of cystic hell were behind me for the full nine moths of pregnancy until nine months post baby. It is at that point that I noticed my acne making a return and made a B line for the contraceptive pill, this kept my acne at bay until fairly recently.

My Skin at it’s worst earlier this year.

Just less than year ago my acne made a return with a vengeance. In the six months following I tried every cream, lotion and potion on the market. I have tried some well known women’s supplements, evening primrose, cutting dairy but nothing had worked. I knew in myself that my acne was 100% hormonal but I had no idea what to do about it and why I was constantly being given topical creams for something that was an internal issue. It was when I started focusing my research on hormonal acne treatments that I found Botanycl. Botanycl was founded by Caroline, whose story sounded oh so familiar to me. She had noticed incredible results from supplementing her diet with a few plant based, natural ingredients and it was from this that Botanycl SkinClear Elixir was born. SkinClear Elixir is a 100% plant-based supplement containing active botanicals shown in research and testimonials to support a clear and blemish-free complexion from within. In short these little capsules work miracles for the unbalanced hormones that lay within. SkinClear Elixir is made using only the best natural and plant-based ingredients and it is this approach that supports skin gently and effectively without the side effects associated with many harsh chemical treatments and prescriptions. Botanycl SkinClear Elixir is free from synthetic vitamins, gluten, dairy, added sugar, wheat, yeast, animal products, colourings, flavourings & preservatives. This vegan product is non-irradiated and non-GMO.                                   

I was hesitant to try the supplements in fear of spending yet more money on another disappointing result but the reviews kept speaking to me in a way that lotion and potion reviews never had, all of the cases sounded similar to mine so I took the gamble and I am so thrilled that I did. Two weeks in to taking the supplements I noticed acne calming and the other less acne affected areas just looked…different, more glowing maybe? Week four rolled around and I had experienced a full month of no new breakouts, something unheard of for me. If I am totally honest I still, at this point didn’t believe that it was the supplements clearing my skin and that it was just one month of wizardry. I am now on my fourth monthly supply of Botanycl and I can truly say my skin just keeps getting better and better every month. I haven’t experienced the agonising jawline and cheek cysts that I had been suffering with just months before. I have a lot of scaring from past acne but as you can see from photos I rarely get a single active spot at all now. Even if I do get one now and again it is absolutely nothing like the breakouts I was experiencing. I have always worn very heavy coverage foundations and found this to be so uncomfortable during summer but now I have been wearing no make up most days and only a small amount of tinted SPF now and again, something I never thought I would experience. Botanycl SkinClear Elixir has truly changed my life. I still feel cautious to say that out loud but I changed absolutely nothing of my regime except these supplements and I think the results speak for themselves. Yes I have been left with scaring, but this is something I hope to work on in the future, for now the relief of not having to fight a losing battle with horrendous acne has left me feeling so much more comfortable and confident in my own skin.

My bare skin three months later.

So my message to anyone reading this, who feels stuck in the cycle of buying expensive acne treatments, who is fighting a losing battle with acne or just wants to take a more natural approach to their acne treatment, I cannot recommend Botanycl SkinClear Elixir enough. I am excited to see what my skin will look like another three months from now. This product has truly changed my life and given me my confidence back You can find out more and see other incredible results over on the Botanycl Instagram page or website, the results really do speak for themselves. As always if anyone wants to chat skin or ask questions then please feel free to get in touch and leave a comment.

Chynna x

Style over Practicality? The roll top shower bath edition

When it comes to interiors my heart always rules my head. You will often find me standing in a shop, holding something impractical and trying to convince my husband that we need it in our home. If I had a pound for every time I have heard the words “Chynna we have enough cushions on the bed” I would be writing this from my sun lounger in the Maldives. Unlike myself, my husband looks to purchase useful and functional items, I am all about the look and style. In this blog post I will be delving into the good and bad of the ultimate style vs practicality item in my home. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my most treasured possession, the bain of my husbands existence and the truth about…..

A roll top shower bath

It’s the most blindingly obvious style vs practicality example in our home, (although I am sure I could name a few). I get a lot of questions on my Instagram about the roll top shower bath and I am always sure to be honest, but I do feel that what I try to explain, may come across as confusing, so I will have a better go here. I can’t tell you the fight I had to put up to get Mr J to agree this beauty. I had always dreamt of having a roll top bath and until we knocked the toilet and bathroom together and saw what space we had, it still wasn’t a guarantee. When we were planning the bathroom we spent hours drawing out different positions and although we did eventually find a way to make a separate shower and bath fit, it just was not what either of us had envisaged and felt like it had very little floor space. Shower baths are really commonly used in bathrooms as a great way to save space so this seemed like the perfect solution to keep the bathroom feeling spacious, but I just could not let go of my roll top bath dreams. I scoured Pinterest constantly and this is when I noticed a few roll top shower baths… I was off! I gathered my evidence together in the form of the three Pinterest images I had found and a mock Victorian plumbing order and excitedly presented it to my husband. He seemed on board, he loved the look and got to work drawing a scale drawing, it looked to be the perfect solution, then in true Mr J style, he came at me with questions over functionality! “If it stands away from the wall will it not leak water down the back?” “Don’t shower curtains cling to your body and feel horrid” “what if standing in the bath causes it to become weaker” I knew I had some convincing to do…

Luckily in most cases my husband lives by the mantra ‘happy wife happy life’ and as I am sure you are all aware, I convinced him a roll top shower bath was a great idea. We have now had the bathroom completed for around 6 months so I can finally give my true verdict on whether it was a good idea or not.

The Good

  • We love the look- I don’t think I expected how much I would love the look of the over bath shower rail, the way the curtains fall and how well it would work with the rest of the bathroom. I could not be more happy with how the bathroom looks.
  • Because we saved space we got to go for a huge bath- The bath is my absolute pride and joy, it doesn’t look it in photos but the bath is a great size, even my husband who is 6ft is really comfortable in it, it is much longer than a standard bath also meaning that all 3 kiddies fit in comfortably and with it being double ended they don’t seem to flood the bathroom while playing like they used to.
  • No glass enclosure to clean- Lets face it glass shower enclosures are a pig to clean and with three sets of little mucky hands, I think a glass enclosure would have had sticky prints on it more often than not.

The bad

  • During showering water gets everywhere- Spoiler alert, Aaron was right! Water does go everywhere IF you don’t take precautions. If you clip the shower curtains at the back with a hair clip and make sure you angle the curtains correctly and don’t fling your arms about too much then its absolutely fine- my husband does not have the patience for this!
  • There is nowhere to place your products apart from near your feet.
  • Aaron is tall so when he steps into the bath it makes him even taller, meaning his head is very close to the fixed shower head
  • Because our shower and bath are together they are always in use, so I clean it all constantly.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly. We are fortunate that we will be planning a downstairs shower room into our extension, somewhere my husband can fulfil his shower of dreams, so this room will be used a lot less in a couple of years time. While I can totally agree with my husband that it is not the best shower I have ever been in and it’s most certainly a style over practicality purchase…. I have no regrets! I love our bathroom, it is everything I had imagined it to be and I am so glad that I went with my gut. I am learning along the way that in order to create a home you love, you have to go with the things you love, practical or not!

Chynna xxx

An Evening with Paige Bloss Hair

For me, nothing feels like more of a treat than getting my hair done. As a busy mum of three I don’t get to spend as much time in a salon chair as I would like, this is why when I was invited along for a pamper with the lovely Paige, I jumped at the opportunity. We met Paige at the gorgeous and stylish Legally Blonde salon in the heart of Salisbury. The salon space is beautiful and well decorated and although we arrived rain soaked and freezing, we were greeted with a salon of friendly faces and a little glass of Bubbles…. perfect.

A glass of bubbles on arrival.

As I sat down for my consultation, Paige asked me about my hair care routine and how I normally style my hair, we chatted about the best plan of action and headed over to the calm and tranquil wash area. Paige told me all about the products she would be using to wash and treat my hair and the reasons why. I found this really interesting and it was clear that Paige knew the perfect formula for my tired and rain frizzed hair. The salon offer an abundant range of shampoo, conditioner and styling products so there really is something to suit everyone. There is nothing I love more than a great salon hair wash and Paige did not disappoint.

The salon styling is elegant and beautiful

As I sat back down and Paige reached for the styling products I explained that my fine hair seems to always get oily when I use styling products. Myself and Paige had a chat about what kind of products I should be using based on my hair type and she recommended and used some great ones from some luxurious brands such as GHD and Fudge. The following morning my hair was still lovely and shiny and I didn’t have to reach for the dry shampoo!

After my blow dry Paige gave my already wavy hair a little helping hand and put some gorgeous bouncy curls in, my hair felt healthy and full of bounce and the whole process had felt like a real treat. I walked away feeling relaxed and a lot more in the know about my hairs needs, this was down to Paige’s knowledgeable and friendly advice.

Overall I had the most lovely evening, Paige surprised us with a gorgeous goodie bag after our treatments. I left feeling thoroughly spoilt, relaxed and happy. I highly recommend anyone local to Salisbury giving Paige a visit, not only are her services affordable but her friendly and smiley persona will have you visiting again and again. Paige has an extensive knowledge and evident passion for her work. I recommend checking out some of her work on her Instagram account.

Paige has kindly given me a discount code offering a fantastic £10 off her services if you quote HAIRGOALS10 when booking via Instagram DM or calling Legally Blonde and asking for Paige…. share the love with your friends and family.

Chynna xxx

This post contains gifted items and services however all words, opinions and photos are my own.