Our plans to holiday at home

As a family of total sun worshipers with a love of seeing the world, it was a big deal for us to cancel the holiday of a life time earlier this year. We have always loved to get away with the kids every year, be it abroad or camping in our beloved Dorset.

We have always wanted to travel around Italy and at the end of last summer, we booked 2 and a half weeks in Italy for August 2019. With the children a bit older and travel getting easier with them, we decided to put a deposit down and start paying for our exciting adventure of summer 2019!

Life had another adventure in store for us….just weeks later we were house hunting in Bournemouth and as I have spoken about before, it all happened very quickly. When we were in the process of buying the house, we had mentioned the holiday to eachother and said we would address it once we had moved and settled in. That is exactly what we did and in the dreary month of February we decided to cancel our summer holiday.

After only a couple of months of living in the house it was apparent that the savings pot was dwindling away faster than expected and we realised that we needed central heating, a bathroom and bits to make our project more comfortable alot more than we needed a holiday.

So instead of being deflated that we had cancelled our holiday in favour of buying radiators, toilets and paint, we decided to have a holiday at home. We have come to Dorset to enjoy the gorgeous beaches and family fun for many years so why break the pattern? Aaron has booked 2 weeks off to spend with me and the kids this summer and I cant wait! We have so many plans already for days out and places we want to visit locally that we have never managed to cram into our usual 5-7 day break here!

Since moving here we cant imagine feeling the need to go abroad for another couple of years or more. We spend so much time at the beach! We are there every day the sun shines, whether that’s a quick beach dinner on a week day evening, or a fully fledged beach day, body boards N all! Our evenings and weekends are one big holiday!

We act like total tourists in the town that holds our home and I hope we never take for granted how lucky we are to have so much to do on our doorstep.

Chynna xxx

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