How my interior style has Changed

I have always had a huge passion for interiors. I remember working at a hair salon on a Saturday when I was 15 and the first magazine I would always pick up from the rack, on my lunch break was ideal home. I have followed interior trends in my time but as I have got older I have noticed that I am developing my own sense of style rather than depending solely on the current trends. Can you remember when black and red interiors was a thing? Just me? We had a black sofa, back rug, black furniture. I then teamed this with red curtains and cushions! Times have evolved and luckily we moved on from brothel style decor just in time for us to become home owners. At this stage of this blog post, I was hoping to treat you all to a photograph of said brothel room, but unfortunately I was unable to find one. Sorry guys.

When we moved into our first home as home owners we had a blank canvas. The kitchen had already been fitted before we saw the house and wasnt exactly what I would have gone for, but I took the cream cupboards and country kitchen colours and ran with it. Much to my husbands disapproval I injected a whole lot of pink accessories into the kitchen and I loved it. For the rest of the house we kept it pretty neutral with the odd touch of glitz and glam.

I don’t know if it’s because this house is older that I feel it’s easier to inject a bit more personality into the house. We have decided to use alot of brass throughout this house, door knobs and sockets. In our previous house everything was silver and although I loved the contemporary style, I just feel like it doesnt fit as well with this house. That said we have recently renovated our bathroom and have lots of chrome but still in a traditional style. There are so many interior trends that I am loving at the moment. I love seeing people play around with darker paints and themes and hope to use this trend in the hallway. I’m still a bit of a whimp when it comes to following such trends and tend to go more neutral with paint and use darker accessories. Our bedroom as an example. I was nervous to paint the panelling and wardrobes so dark but I’m so pleased with the result.

Moving forward I am really hoping to be a bit more adventurous than my previous house. Our next projects are the girls bedroom, the hallway and the landing. I am going to start showing the girls some bits on Pinterest and Instagram so that they can have a say on what they want and like for their up and coming room renovation… so stand by for some potentially daring interior moves because knowing my children it wont be boring!


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