Top tips For Getting Great Sleep This Autumn/Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well almost… As we head into Autumn/winter my mind buzzes with excitement for the months ahead, fluffy socks, cosy evenings watching Christmas films and of course toasty warm bedding. But for many, the colder weather means poor sleep and fatigue. This is our second winter in our 1930’s renovation and let me tell you, the temperature of this house came as quite a shock after spending 5 years in a well insulated new build that our friends and family not so fondly named the oven. This is why when the lovely team at Bed Guru got in touch and asked me to work with them on their ‘better sleep campaign’ this season, I jumped at the chance to share my tips on getting better sleep this A/W.

Winter bedding

For many, getting the temprature of the house just right at night is a fine art… one that we are yet to master, we either wake up freezing cold or wake feeling groggy, dehydrated and dreading the gas bill because of the central heating. Studies have shown that the optimum sleep temperature for a room is 15-19 degrees celcius. We as humans still have primal instincts, think of your bedroom as a cool and dark cave for optimal sleep quality but look to your duvets and bedding to keep you at the perfect temperature. Alternating between summer and winter duvets is a must for great sleep. Bed Guru have a great range of higher tog duvets to keep you at the perfect temperature this season.

Keep those toes warm

It is well known that feet are key when it comes to regulating body temperature. Our feet have many specialized nerves that are connected to the thermostat in our brain. Team this with the fact that during sleep our body temperature can be up to two degrees farenheit lower than during the day and it’s no wonder that many people struggle to sleep well when the temperature outside drops. Use a cosy hot water bottle and warm socks to encourage your body’s thermostat to keep you at the perfect temperature for a blissful slumber.

A warm drink before bed

I am not talking about mulled wine! A warming bedtime beverage should be caffeine and alcohol free. Look to decaffeinated teas or milky drinks to help with great sleep. Chamomile tea is known and loved by experts for its calming and soothing effects and I am finding it works wonders to calm a racing mind of an evening.

Love your sleep space

This does not need to be an expensive bedroom overhaul. Following small steps can make your bedroom space feel like a calming and inviting place to be, naturally resulting in better sleep. Layer up bed sheets for a stylish yet practical warming solution. De cluttering your bedroom is a must for a great sleep, a cluttered room equals a cluttered mind and cluttered minds don’t sleep well! Bed Guru have a stylish and affordable range of ottoman beds which are a great storage solution for your summer wardrobe and any unwanted seasonal items. If you are limited on space, an ottoman bed may just be the perfect solution for you. Make sure your room can be dimly lit of an evening. Changing your bedroom light to a dimmer or treating yourself to a new bedside lamp can help to get you in the mood for a more restful night. Another top tip is to use a lavender scented candle around an hour before you go to sleep. The essential oils offer calming properties that help to reduce stress, lower the heart rate and relax muscles. Check out my top tips to incorporate Autumn in to your home.

Sweet dreams!


This post is part of a paid partnership with Bed Guru however all words, opinions and images are my own

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