Calendar Girls Review- Bournemouth Pavilion

Funny, feel good and empowering! What more could you want from a girls night out with your mum? This delightfully warm and witty musical had us laughing, crying and everything in-between. Based on the true story of a group of Yorkshire born and bred WI members, helping their grieving friend raise money with a nude calendar. Put together by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth, the show cleverly took viewers through a real journey with them. While initially the show feels a bit slow to start, it soon comes together and you will see the characters undeniable bond and charm blossom, into what can only be described as the most feel good ending you can imagine. The cast included feisty Loose Women star, Lisa Maxwell who plays an ex air hostess and a bit of a Trophy wife, she was witty and hilarious from beginning to end and played that character perfectly. Sarah Jane Buckley took the lead role as Annie, I was impressed with how captivating her performance was when dealing with her Husbands death. This teamed with the simple yet effective stage set up made for a moving and poignant performance.

Adding to the Girl Power vibes was the audience. Clearly loved by all, the atmosphere in the theatre was electric from start to finish. From elderly to young, man and woman, the performance from the cast had people in fits of laughter multiple times. The energy of the cast teamed with some seriously clever songs left our sides hurting. Personally my favourites were ‘My Russian friend’ and ‘I have had a little work done’. The production also features some really well thought out scenes. The way they tastefully shoot the calendar whilst making it absolutely hilarious is admirable and flawlessly executed.

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The ending saw the cast sing one last song before the curtain went down and when the wonderful cast came out to take their bow, the whole auditorium where on their feet clapping. As we left the show there was an undeniable buzz- always a good indicator that a great time was had by all! Overall I highly recommend going and watching this feel good performance. Calendar Girls is at Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 21st September and you can buy the tickets at the box office or online now.

While this post features gifted tickets for the purpose of the review, all words and opinions are my own.

Fame the Musical – Bournemouth Pavilion

Of course we all know and love the song and when I told my mum I was taking my sister to watch fame this week she immediately pranced around the living room showing us the dance whilst shouting “you need to learn it”! Myself and my sister had never watched fame but knew a bit of background about the story, we couldn’t wait to see the musical and we most certainly were not disappointed.

As we sat down in the stunning Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre there was a palpable buzz of excitement with ever-growing anticipation, people had dressed up and there was people of all ages eager to watch such an iconic show. For anyone who doesn’t know, the show follows a group of aspiring young dancers, actors and musicians in their coveted places at New York school of performing arts. As the lights went down and the curtains went up we were starstruck by perfectly timed theatrical lighting to the finely done sound direction. The first moments of the performance had the audience captivated.

There is some serious talent in this show. Every single cast member dances and sings to the highest standard. I wasnt expecting the singing to be as good as it was. The cast were faultless. The show featured some recognisable names. I watched hollyoaks for years in my early twenties meaning Jorgie Porter was a familiar face but I had no idea what a fantastic dancer she is, her dancing was captivating. Singer Micha Paris who plays Miss Sherman sang a wonderfully soulful and moving rendition of ‘These are my children’ this really moved me and I was left in total awe of her incredible voice.

The performance was slick and well choreographed and the clever use of props to set various scenes meant you truly felt as though you were watching the best of the best. There was the perfect amount of humour, dancing and singing to leave the audience ending their night on their feet, dancing along to the unforgettable theme tune.

To my local readers, Fame is at the Bournemouth Pavilion theatre until 31st August and I strongly recommend taking the time to catch it while it’s in town. Tickets are available at the box office or online. For anyone not local, details of the tour can be found online at Fame The Musical.

The tickets for this post were gifted however all words and opinions are my my own.

Chynna xxx